Don’t Talk About These 7 Topics on Messaging Apps

woman checking her messaging app online

Messaging apps made communication so much easier for everyone. Distance or lack of time is no longer an issue, as you can message someone in just a few clicks. You can also send different forms of messages such as photo, video or even doc files.

Yet despite the limitless possibilities of messaging apps, always take strict measures of what you send online. As they say, everything you post online will remain on the internet forever– and instant messaging apps are no exception.

So we’ve compiled the list of 7 topics you shouldn’t talk about online on a social network or messenger app.

Sharing Private and Sensitive Information

Messages about intimate moments, financial topics, and other sensitive information shouldn’t be shared openly on messages. You might not be sure if hackers are lurking around to get your data or money. The receiving end might also spread out this information in case things will head south.

Discussing Important Matters

Family, relationship and even work issues should be tackled in person than thru chat. This is because we often misunderstood each other through messages. So instead of typing your thoughts away on a messaging app, it’s better to go out and have a proper conversation with that person.

Spreading Gossip

It’s tempting to talk about someone online, especially with group chat. But beware, someone from the group might be taking screenshots from your profile. If you don’t wanna get into unnecessary drama or trouble, then avoid gossiping on messaging apps.

Canceling a Date

Imagine someone getting super excited to see you, then you just cancel the date so casually. As much as possible, have the proper courtesy to cancel the date. Your best possible option is to take a phone call and have a decent, undisturbed conversation about it. You can also video call if you prefer it that way.

Breaking Up with Someone

If you spent a long time with someone, breaking up with someone thru text is a big no. Personal conversations should be a must when discussing things like this. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, at least give a call or video call.

Telling someone bad news

Don’t put someone on a manic frenzy or hysterics by messaging them the bad news. Aside from panicking the recipient, it could also make them confused. Calling them either by WiFi Calling or Video calling is a better option.

Fighting Someone

When we fight with someone, either with a friend, family, or partner, it’s important to see their body language. Having non-verbal cues will help you how to react properly, and this is something you won’t get when messaging someone online.

And there you go, the 7 topics you shouldn’t be talking about on Messaging apps.

There’s nothing wrong with chatting a lot on these messenger and social network apps, but some topics are worth handling with care. Do this and ensure a much peaceful social media and messaging experience for you.

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