Think Twice Before Adding These People on Social Media

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What everyone liked about social media is that we can be friends with anybody. Meeting diverse people is undeniably interesting.

Aside from it’s interesting, it’s convenient. You can know someone by just being friends with them on social media. You don’t even need to say hello on his/her messenger. Just check his/her posts, and voila you know she’s a glee fan, a freelance actress, and the younger sister of a local model.

But before you start hitting that follow or “add friend” button, here are the types of people you should think twice adding on your account.

Do note that we’re not imposing that you should not send nor accept their friend request. It’s just that when adding them or receiving their request, consider other factors too.

Think Twice Before Adding These People on your Social Media Profile

Professional Acquaintances

There’s nothing wrong with being friends with your bosses, coworkers, and clients. A harmonious relationship can be beneficial.

But when adding these people to your account, do consider the content that you have. If you seemed to have harmless posts, then you’re good to go. Also, consider how private the person you’re trying to add. If he’s very private then sending a friend request isn’t the best way to go.


Adding strangers on your social media profile can be pretty weird for the recipient. Also, strangers can bring a lot of risks to your profile. There are several cases of people getting into trouble by simply adding someone online. Little did they know that these people are stalkers, burglars, or catfishes.

People You Just Met Once

Not everyone that’s trying to talk to you wants to be friends with you. If you’ve established a great connection with this person then go ahead and add that person. But if all you’ve exchanged are a couple of “hello” on a gig, then maybe it’s best to wait first.

People from Online Dating Apps

One common mistake people do is they add all their matches on dating apps as if every match is a friend already. Be aware that even if you had a light flirty banter, that person isn’t your friend yet. They’re still a stranger and adding them may bring more harm than good.

Someone you had romantic relations before

Maybe you were highschool sweetheart pre-internet era, and now you saw her account. It may be tempting to add her but also ask this question first: “What for?”

If you’re planning to rekindle something then go ahead, make the move. But be aware that you may look creepy by doing that. Also, check the relationship status of the person. You don’t want to put up chaos in that person’s life.

Again, it’s your social media account, you can do whatever you want. But having certain guidelines will help you stay safe online.

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