Secure Messaging Apps For Beginners

woman drinking while texting

For beginners, jargons may seem intimidating especially if you’re not a technie not me. Well, I can assure you that you’re not the only one, we’re still learning; in the long run, it helps a lot getting to familiarize oneself with these terms and you’ll learn to love it.

If you’re looking for secure messaging apps, some are free others have their own packages with specific rates, the latter may sound discouraging at first because nobody likes the idea of cashing out, if you’re working, on a business or your line of work involve some confidentiality. Without further ado, here are things to look out for secure messaging apps for beginners:


In layman’s terms, encryption is converting data and codes that prevents unauthorized access so that means you can put your messages and other line of communication in converted. An encrypted feature in a messaging app makes any data accessible to you.

There are a lot of apps in android but we’ll get later on to that. On the iOS format, CoverMe is one of the leading secure messaging apps for iPhone users that consist of end-to-end encryption, private phone number and communication that ensures call and text protected, and there’s also a fingerprint lock for opening the app. Sounds like something from a movie huh?

Viber and Telegram are two of Android’s sought out messaging apps because of its user-friendly features that consist of secret message option that only sticks to your device and both have self-destruct message feature that you schedule the message’s time limit of your own choosing. These apps are available on iOS as well.

Hidden Message

Also called secret chats, this feature specializes protected message from prying eyes and in apps like Viber comes with a 4-pin access code. Hidden message is almost untraceable by servers that prevents any threat from outside chats and server systems.

Self-Destruct Countdown

Also available on secret chats, self-destruct countdown in apps like Telegram and Viber feature that makes chat history disappear on both ends. In Telegram, you can set the timer in a couple of seconds or minutes, depending on your preference that works for you though the cons of this feature is that your recipient can still screengrab the chat but you can still be notified.

Net Nanny

While we’ve mentioned business, work and confidentiality associated with secure messaging features in our past articles, let’s take note that anyone can access apps, it’s easy to learn and even children can get a hold of messages and communicate with strangers that makes them vulnerable in the digital age as well.

Net Nanny is a software for parents that can customize, control and block and limit them from net usage including the internet. Its features consist of monitoring, limiting and protecting by blocking sites that allow safe use for children at all devices that gives them a peace of mind – anytime, anywhere.


That being said, secure messaging matters, it matters for our own safety, our privacy and protect ourselves from hackers, digital age makes connectivity both a blessing and a pain that we must be vigilant always cautious.