5 Things I Should’ve Done Before my Messenger got Hacked

man checking free messaging apps on smartphone

Convenient connection: this is what free messaging apps have provided to internet users.

  • You want to chat with your friend, partner or family? You can send it through a messenger.
  • Saw a funny thing on the street? Just open your secure chat app, take a photo, and send it to someone.
  • Want to share the info with your circle of friends at once? You can create a group chat for your friends.
  • You want to see and hear your loved ones real-time? Use your trusted video calling app, and within a few clicks, you can now talk to your loved ones, even if you’re miles away.

Indeed, free messaging apps are helping us communicate in a simpler and easier way. But with hacker threats coming in, people are now focusing on their security.

Yes, you may have the most secure messaging app for android and IOS. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, and doing precautionary measures is the key.

I let my messenger unprotected. Here’s what happened…

Vulnerable messaging accounts can lead to dangerous outcomes. If you’re not fully aware of the consequences, here are the things you might experience, based on what happened when my messenger got hacked:

  • Hackers will send hazardous links to your contacts.
  • Read messages from private and group chat and use the information for blackmail
  • Your identity will be used for catfishing and such similar purpose. (Catfishing: lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fake online persona.)

The list made above is a fraction of what a hacker can do to your messenger. If bank, email or contact details are included in your messages, further consequences could happen.

How to Secure Chat Apps?

If only I could turn back time, I could’ve secured my messaging app more. I never focused on security when it comes to choosing a chat app. Nowadays, apps (such as messaging app EyesUP) are now doing their part to ensure that your data is secured.

But still, it’s better to take precautionary measures such as the following:

1. Be cautious with links
  • If you received a suspicious message, ignore or ask the sender about it. Think before clicking any link.
2. Avoid using the same password on all your social network accounts
  • We get it, trying to remember different passwords is difficult. But doing this ensures that no one, whether a hacker or someone you know, can access all your accounts.
3. Create stronger passwords for every online account
4. Find Chat Apps with One Time Password (OTP) as part of their Account Authentication
  • One-Time-Password, also known as Two-Factor-Authentication, adds more security to your account.
  • With OTP, the user will access their account by logging in first. Then, the app will give a code to the user through his/her mobile phone or email. When the user encodes the code, he/she will then have access to his/her account.
5. Have your own Password Manager
  • Password Manager Dashlane recently raised about $110M. With this news, it only shows that online security is now a priority. Password managers help users to keep up with all their social accounts. Aside from managing passwords, some password managers also have a password generator.

New messaging apps have better security now

A lot of apps are competing now to become the most secure messaging app. New social messaging and networking apps, such as Signal and EyesUP, are also working on new security features.

If you want a full list of secure chat apps, here is a helpful article tackling the Most Secure Messaging Apps for iOS and Android.

Along with these tips, it’s also essential to trust your gut. If you think that certain messaging apps may compromise your privacy, be cautious about trying it. Also, avoid sharing personal information online. In that way, you’ll be 100% sure that every sensitive info is safe.

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