5 Location-Based Social Media Chatting Apps to Meet Friends Nearby

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Social media chatting apps are now a personal and professional necessity.

Gone were the days of waiting for sending and receiving mail. In a few clicks, you can send and receive messages within minutes. Social media apps are now bringing us instant connection around the world.

With this convenience, it’s typical to talk to someone who is miles away or even living abroad. One of those people could be you.

But how about trying to chat with people nearby? Instead of chatting to someone from another country, why not chat someone you can meet in person?

There are several new social media apps and sites you can use to meet friends nearby. With the list that I’m sharing below, expect to gain friends nearby in no time.


  • EyesUP is a free social media app with included instant messaging features.
  • Discover new friends nearby with its location-based friends suggestion.
  • Chat with strangers online using the app’s discover board.
  • Send instant messages and in any form that you like (Text, Photo Video Audio)
  • You’ll have separate messaging tabs for Friends and Followers.
  • Create group conversations with up to 50 members.
  • Browse fresh stream of posts from the users you follow.


  • Social media chatting app that works on your preferences and proximity.
  • Get updates from nearby users through your personalized news feed.
  • Ideal for travelers who just want to interact with someone new from nearby area.


  • One of social media chatting apps that offers chat messaging, video streams, and interactive games.
  • Users can message and receive messages to all members. This is regardless of their membership status.
  • If the user wants to get more fun features, they can avail credits. Credit is also used in unlocking other features of the app.
  • There is a Local Feature, which helps users have local chat and meet friends nearby.


  • Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood
  • Stay updated with the events within your area
  • Exchange information within the local community
  • Ideal for people who moved into a new place, and are looking for recommendations and events.


  • Most popularly known as an online dating app, you can change the settings if you’re looking for friends instead of dates.
  • Find new friends within your area as it’s proximity-based.
  • Users can share more info about them by answering initial questions.

Which social media chatting app is the best?

You may wonder if which among these apps is the best online chat app. Based on usability and features, EyesUP is a versatile choice.

But before you disagree or whatnot, be aware that this depends on your needs as well. Some people want to have more engagement features. Others are looking on a simpler and fuss-free chat app. It also depends if you’re mobile phone is running on Android or iOS.

Indeed, technology is allowing us to connect more. The listed apps are just a small fraction of the social chatting sphere. More apps under this category will emerge.

By having this convenience, we shouldn’t take this for granted. We should cherish online friendships that we’ve built through these apps.

Instead of confining in front of the screen, we should use our social media apps as guide to have more real experiences. Let these online chat apps help you gain friends, and strengthen your local community.

What are your thoughts on this list? Are there apps that we should’ve included on this list? Share this now on your social media accounts. You can also check out secure calling apps for android if you’re looking for calling apps as well.

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