How to Find Love through Social Media Platforms

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As we’re now dwelling the ‘ber’ months, we’re also dwelling on what Millennials call “Cuffing Season”. It’s the season where single people go into a relationship through social media platforms.

People usually do this not necessarily to find a serious relationship, but to find warmth as December approaches. That may sound a bit cynical, but this is normal occurrence in today’s online world.

But even without the cuffing season, people are constantly looking for a potential partner and usually, they’re looking for that through online platforms.

There are several dating platforms available, but nowadays, people are looking for dates through social media platforms too. Maybe one of those people is you.

With that, we have here a simple guide on finding love through social media platforms.

How to Find Love through Social Media Platforms

Be Wary with Your Social Media Presence

Before trying to chat with someone, check your social media presence first. Assess if you’ve posted some questionable posts or pictures. Also, check your tagged posts, maybe there’s stuff you don’t wanna be involved in. Let’s be here, the guy you’re trying to date will most likely check your profile, so make sure your account reflects your true personality.

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Unfollow/Remove Exes

For real though, how can you truly move on if the people you had a history with are still on your friends’ list? If you want to find love, part of it is to let go with people from the past.

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Try Joining in Social Media Groups

There are groups and group chat rooms available for people looking for love online. Join in there and take the plunge. But if you think that’s too direct, you can check interest groups for TV shows, movies, and hobbies that you like.

Don’t Get Shy–Say Hello on Messenger

Have a crush on someone? Why don’t you try chatting with them on messenger? You’re not losing anything if you’re the first one to say hello. Who knows? Maybe that person is simply waiting for your message and as anxious as you are.

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Don’t Rely on Social Media Platforms: Meet the Person

Yes, you’ve been video calling for quite some time now. You’re calling each other “Bae” and all other endearment terms you can think of. But as long as you haven’t met each other, you fully don’t know each other yet. That’s why keep in mind that social media is for searching for someone, but to fully know them is still done better with an actual date.

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