7 Tips when Messaging on Social Media Chat Apps

girl sitting on a tree having a social media chat

Thanks to social media chat apps, starting to chat with people is easy. The real challenge is how to keep it going.

Here are 7 tips to keep the conversation flowing, and to have that memorable chatting experience.

Stop overthinking

Chatting with someone new or your crush from social chatting apps is nervewracking. You’re still testing the waters, and unsure with the person’s character.

With that in mind, you try to think of every message you’re sending and receiving. Because you’re trying to make a good impression, you end up filtering every message that you send to that person.

When you chat with people online, take everything with a grain of salt. It’s not that the person you’re talking to is unreliable, but by not taking everything seriously will help you relax. Instead of overthinking every message, be in with the conversation. Listen and digest what the person is actually chatting to you. Then, reply to whatever you feel like saying about the topic.

Ask Questions

If the person told you about something, ask (preferably open-ended) questions about it. Show that person that you’re interested to know more about him/herself. This keeps the social media chat going, as well as making the person like you more.

If you’re in the position where both parties have nothing to add up, you can spice it up with conversation starters. Here are some suggested online conversation starters to chat with people:

10 Social Media Chat Starters
  • What is your current Fave TV Show?
  • Do you like to be saved– or do the saving?
  • What is your best childhood memory?
  • If you could sit down with your 15-year-old self, what would you tell him or her?
  • What would be your perfect weekend?
  • What do you bring with you everywhere you go?
  • If social media didn’t exist, how would your life be different?
  • What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
  • What gift have you received that you will always treasure?
  • Is “following your passion” good advice or terrible?

Find something in common

When the person you’re chatting with mentioned something that you can relate to, let him/her know. After that, build a conversation about it. Aside from having a continuous chat about that topic, you can also revisit that every now and then.

An example would be a TV show. If you’re both avid fans of a particular show, you can chat about upcoming season updates. You can also ask his/her opinions on the show’s fan-made theories.

Share your own stories

If you had quirky or funny experiences from the past, share that with the person you’re chatting with. It could lead to great conversations. It would also motivate the other person to share his/her stories too.

Keep it light

When you chat with people online, don’t be so negative all the time. Nobody wants to talk with someone who only just spreads negative thoughts.

Share photos, memes, and articles

Thanks to social media, there is a lot of content available online. If you find a photo, video, or article that relates to that person, you can share through chat. If you find a social media app with chat and social networking features, you can also tag that person on the post itself.

Use a reliable social media chat app

Nothing says “bummer” when a social media chat app has buggy features. This could lead to errors such as unsent and unseen messages. To avoid these errors, find a reliable social chatting app. Also, look for an app that has voice and video calling features.

Be yourself, and chatting will go on naturally

When we chat with people online, it’s easy to make a great facade of ourselves. After all, they’re not actually seeing us. But this I-want-to-be-best-person-mentality can bring unfavorable effects.

We hope you check out and do these tips. Share this article on your social media accounts, and keep that chat going.