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Should You Stay Connected with an Ex on Social Media Platforms?

Couples tend to post a lot on social media platforms. Some couples do it just to update their friends, some are to show their appreciation with their partners, and some are on it to show #couplegoals.

But breakups are inevitable, and as these showy couples are on its end phase, there’s a dilemma for these couples aside from the actual breakup– and that is if they should stay “social media friends” with someone they once love.

Now, is staying connected with an ex on social media platforms is a good idea or not? For this blog post, we’ll discuss the reason why you should stay friends with an ex online and the reasons why you shouldn’t.

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5 Messaging Scams To Watch Out For

Technology brought us advancements in messaging. Along with the benefits, there are a few hindrances along the way.

One of those hindrances are messaging scams.

Most of us are getting annoyed with these random messages but sadly, people are still getting victimized by these texting scams.

Now, to avoid getting lured into these scams, we’ve compiled 5 most common messaging scams to look out for. If you ever received these kinds of messages, avoid this as soon as possible.

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Teach Your Children These 5 Healthy Social Media Habits

When parents talk about social media to their kids, there are 2 types of discussion that usually happens.

It’s either “Social Media is bad! A computer is not good for you! You shouldn’t use one!”

Or they just let their kids let loose. No discussions at all. They just buy them a smartphone and that’s it.

Here’s the thing: It’s essential to have a simple talk about social media. Tweens and teens should be aware of the consequences these social network apps could bring. In that way, they can utilize social networking platforms to enhance their potential, and not just waste their time away sending memes on messenger.

With that, here are 5 healthy habits you should teach your kids with.

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Think Twice Before Adding These People on Social Media

What everyone liked about social media is that we can be friends with anybody. Meeting diverse people is undeniably interesting.

Aside from it’s interesting, it’s convenient. You can know someone by just being friends with them on social media. You don’t even need to say hello on his/her messenger. Just check his/her posts, and voila you know she’s a glee fan, a freelance actress, and the younger sister of a local model.

But before you start hitting that follow or “add friend” button, here are the types of people you should think twice adding on your account.

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Messaging your Partner? Never do these 5 Things

Social media and messaging apps are now essential tools to maintain relationships. Unlike before, couples are no longer relying on dates or calls to connect with their partners. They’ll just need their device and then start messaging.

But along with this convenience is the proper etiquette when messaging your SO (Significant Other). Being a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you can just blatant be rude with that person. There’s still an ounce of responsibility on every aspect of the relationship, and that includes when sending a message.

1. Don’t use too much emojis
Those heart and kiss emojis are undeniably cute. Sending those won’t take a toll on your relationship. Now when does this become a problem? Well if every message you sent to this person has symbols in it, chances are he/she is annoyed with it already.

Also, don’t reply with full emojis. Imagine putting up a well-worded message only to get 5 kissing and heart emojis in return. Nothing shouts “I’m no longer interested in talking to you” than the abomination of random emojis. Have the decency to tell your partner that you’re gonna be doing something, or you simply need to take a nap.

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