8 Best Texting App Features You Should Look For

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So you ended up on this page, because you’re looking for the best free texting app.

You then went to google play store to check. After logging in, you saw hundreds of messaging apps–just waiting. Now you’re wondering, what online texting app should you choose?

Before hitting up the install button, consider the features you’re looking for first.

You may install the top-rated messaging apps. But if it’s not catering to your needs, you might end up uninstalling it, wasting you tons of time and mobile data.

Still figuring out what those features are? No worries as we’ve come up with a list of 8 Best Texting App Features you should look for.

1. Intuitive and Easy Navigation

Find a texting app that is easy to use. If you find yourself getting confused with the icons, then it’s better to avoid those kinds of texting apps.

2. Rich Texting Experience

A texting app provides a simple service, and that is to send messages. As a user, look for apps that separate from the crowd. Look for apps with unique features such as:

3. Social Media Capabilities

There’s nothing wrong with using a simple online texting app. But if you can maximize its capabilities, why not go for it? Social networking is emerging and evolving at a much faster pace. Texting apps are now adapting to it, as well. If you’re the type who wants to be active in certain communities, you might want to look for Texting Apps with social networking capabilities.

4. Responsive Design

Don’t just look for the best free texting app, look for a messenger app that works great on both Android and IOS.

5. Go with Search Feature

If you’re the type of user that has to deal with tons of messages, go for a texting app with Search Feature. You’ll have a much easier time looking for certain messages.

6. The Simpler, the better

This doesn’t mean you have to install an app without social media features. This means that you have to watch out apps with gimmicky, bulky features– covered as ”functional features”.

7. Performance Wins

Your texting app should have stable performance. This is one of the most essential features on your smartphone. It should be available at all times, without major lags.

8. Secured Messaging

With recent privacy issues rolling in, it’s difficult to trust social networking apps. This is why you should look for a well-protected app. Ensure that there are top security features, such as hidden messages, encrypted messaging, etc.

And there you have it, the 8 Best Texting App Features you should look for. Remember, this is just a guide for you on choosing the right texting platform. It’s still up to you on what features you should focus on.

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