30 Trendy Texting App Abbreviations and Slangs You Should Use

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It’s hard to keep on track with the trends now. Even in a texting app, there are still trends to keep up to. You might find your self wondering with certain words and abbreviations.

With that in mind, do check out these 30 Chat and Texting app slangs instead. In that way, you’ll know all the trendy words and can keep up with your friends.

Why Do People Abbreviate Words?

Before, prepaid texting was the sole platform that everyone to communicate. By this time, the sender can only text about 160 characters (Standard SMS Limit).

Also, the prepaid load is pretty expensive before. Because of this, people have to be creative to text without exceeding 160 characters.

That’s how abbreviations started.

Nowadays, people no longer rely on prepaid texting alone. A free texting app provides unlimited characters and various instant messaging features. Yet even with these iOS and Android texting apps, people still use abbreviations and slang words. They use it for the convenience, self-expression and simply for fun.

Top 30 Abbreviations: A Mix of the Trendy and the Classics

These are the abbreviations you can receive from anyone. Some of the abbreviations given here are self-explanatory. Meanwhile, we’ll explain to you the newer terms, so no worries about getting confused.

  1. IKR – I know, right
  2. ILY – I love you.
  3. LMK – Let me know
  4. NVM – Nevermind
  5. OFC – Of course
  6. BAE – Before anyone else – Term of endearment.
  7. OTP – One true pairing – It is what you call on two individuals that seem to have a lot of potential as a couple.
  8. LOL – Laugh out loud
  9. ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
  10. YOLO – You only live once. – It means to live life to the fullest.
  11. JK – Just Kidding
  12. IDC – I don’t care.
  13. AMA – Ask Me Anything
  14. TIL – Today I learned
  15. IMO – In my opinion
  16. IRL – In real life
  17. JSYK – Just so you know – The millennial version of FYI.
  18. LULZ – Just for laughs – Millennial twist with LOL.
  19. NSFW – Not safe for work – If someone posted a link with this tag, do not open it in work or in any formal situation. Usually, it includes nudity, gore, and other inappropriate things.
  20. SMH – Shaking My Head – When you’re frustrated on something.
  21. TBT – Throwback Thursday – Started on Instagram, hashtag/term to use when you post something from the past.
  22. TL;DR: – Too Long; Didn’t Read – Summary of a long online post, usually put at the end of the post.
  23. FTW – For the Win
  24. SRSLY – Seriously
  25. IIRC – If I remember correctly
  26. AFAIK – As far as I know
  27. ICYMI – In case you missed it
  28. BUMP – Bring up my post – Those who wanted to gain more traction on forums, they usually comment this term.
  29. OMW – On my way
  30. IDK – I don’t know

SRSLY, what will be the future of these Abbreviations?

Right now, we’ll never be sure. But as long free texting app services remain relevant, people will still use these terms. Abbreviations like LOL are used way back social media age. You can already see that term floating around when everyone is using Yahoo Messenger and AOL. So as long as the abbreviation is a general term, then you can still see the terms we’ve shared above in the future.

Take note though: Using these abbreviations on your free text app can be fun, but you should limit its usage. Keep that in mind and you’ll have fun using these terms on your free texting app.

How about you? What are your top picks when it comes to internet abbreviations? Share this post now, as well as your thoughts on your social media accounts. Happy texting!

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