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Should You Stay Connected with an Ex on Social Media Platforms?

Couples tend to post a lot on social media platforms. Some couples do it just to update their friends, some are to show their appreciation with their partners, and some are on it to show #couplegoals.

But breakups are inevitable, and as these showy couples are on its end phase, there’s a dilemma for these couples aside from the actual breakup– and that is if they should stay “social media friends” with someone they once love.

Now, is staying connected with an ex on social media platforms is a good idea or not? For this blog post, we’ll discuss the reason why you should stay friends with an ex online and the reasons why you shouldn’t.

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5 Messaging Scams To Watch Out For

Technology brought us advancements in messaging. Along with the benefits, there are a few hindrances along the way.

One of those hindrances are messaging scams.

Most of us are getting annoyed with these random messages but sadly, people are still getting victimized by these texting scams.

Now, to avoid getting lured into these scams, we’ve compiled 5 most common messaging scams to look out for. If you ever received these kinds of messages, avoid this as soon as possible.

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45 Funny, Interesting, and Serious Conversation Starters for Messenger

When chatting someone new, it can be nerve-wracking to think of a topic that resonates with both of you. With that, we have here 40 funny, casual and serious conversation starters for someone you’re chatting on messenger.

Ensure to know more about the person, as well as removing the awkwardness of dead-end messages with these conversation starters.

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