Group Chat Etiquette: 10 Rules when Chatting People Online

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Group chat is one of the instant messaging features that is widely used by everyone.

Want to talk about the final episode of your favorite TV Series? You can chat online with people who have the same interest in that show through a chat group.

Planning to do a High School Reunion? You can add all your connected high school classmates and start planning the party.

Are you a businessman looking for a way to update products on suppliers/distributors? You can start a chat group and add them for the announcements and updates.

There are a lot of ways a group chat can help you, and thanks to free chat services, it has become more convenient.

But along with the benefits, we should also be responsible when using the group chat feature on a texting app. There are guidelines from different texting apps, but there are unwritten rules that you should also consider when messaging your chat friends:

1. Chat them in the same way you would talk to them

If you’re chatting with friends, you can give out a much casual tone with your messages. But if you’re conversing with your work colleagues, it’s better to keep it professional.

2. Acknowledge everyone in the group chat

Start your message with greeting everyone, even if you’re only talking to a few specific people on the chat.

3. Give the free chat room a chance to answer

When asking something, don’t spam messages to people when they’re not answering right away. Having the message seen by the group doesn’t mean they’re ready to reply right away. Give them a few minutes and then follow up in case you haven’t got any replies.

4. Don’t put too many abbreviations

If you’re on-the-go, typing BRB is easier than “be right back”. But if you’re going to put abbreviations on every message, then your chat friends might get all confused.

For a professional group chat, avoid abbreviating your words at all costs.

5. Don’t use it as a personal chatbox

It’s called a group chat for a reason. If your aim is to only talk to one specific person, you leave a private message instead.

6. Don’t give out personal info on the chat

If there’s info you’ve discussed with someone through a private message, don’t barge in a chat group and talk about it.

7. Don’t “seen-zone” people

Avoid seenzoning at all costs. If someone is asking something and you don’t have answers at the moment, message them that you’ll answer it later.

8. Be mindful of spelling and grammar

Do this to get fewer chances of miscommunication and embarrassment.

9. Don’t type in upper case

UPPER CASES are equal to shouting.

10. Don’t spam links

It’s tempting to share various links at the same time. But it could be annoying to the members of the group chat. Also, give out a context on the link that you shared, so it wouldn’t be mistaken as spam/malicious malware.

Be responsible when it comes to free chat groups

People are overlooking proper chat group etiquette. We always think we can fix or undo it anyway. But with delete features or not, users should be wary of what they send on their friends or colleagues. Consider our tips and you’ll have a peaceful and fun online messaging experience.

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